Essential Tips for New Copywriters: Avoiding 13 Common Mistakes

Have you ever come across a beautifully written snow gloves product description that you ended up buying one in every shade, and you don’t even reside in an area where it snows?

We all have made a spontaneous purchase once in our lifetimes that we regretted buying. And we have no one except the copywriters to blame for that. Hold on, what is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of tailoring words with such excellence that the readers actually start to relate to the situation you made up. Even if it is completely irrelevant to them.

Being a copywriter is all about understanding how words affect people. And using them to compel people to buy a certain product even when they don’t need it.

If you want to become an expert in this field, you have found the perfect blog. Below, we have shed light on the most common mistakes that new copywriters tend to commit and how you can get rid of them.

13 Copywriting Blunders That Must Be Avoided

Writing For Everyone: In order to fashion a perfect piece, you must pay attention to your audience’s pain points, and what triggers them. For instance, if you are writing a copy for an essay writer Ireland, you have to keep the audience in mind. Obviously, only a student is in need of a well-written essay, so determine your target approach. Instead of focusing on people of every age group, write a piece of article that only attracts the right eye.

Allowing AI To Steal Your Light: People nowadays are depending too much on generative AI. Although we encourage you to go with the flow, don’t let it take away your creativity. ChatGPT can provide you with an essence or test ideas for your content, but make sure to sugarcoat the material with your wits and pearls of wisdom to make it entirely yours.

Using Qualifiers & ‘ing’ Words: To make your writing more sharp and edgy, avoid using words like ‘very’, ‘quite’, ‘pretty’, etc. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid using words that end with ‘ing’. These tips will make your writing more to the point and crisp.

Using Complicated Sentences: The one mistake that every new copywriter commits is getting pleasure by using complicated words. However, there is nothing wrong with writing a complicated piece of work. But the goal must not be complexity; it should always be clarity. Make your writing so easy to read that even a student of 5th grade can easily understand the concept.

Using Exclusionary Language: Some writers tend to think that incorporating offensive words into their artistic pieces can help them connect better with the audience. Unfortunately for them, the audience might get offended by the language, and one might get reported. What a pitiful way to lose a job. So, instead of using words like ‘cripples’, ‘widows’, ‘gals’, etc., use terms that are more appropriate to the audience.

Not Writing In The Brand Voice: The biggest mistake new copywriters tend to make is that they are so accustomed to writing in the manner they were taught in schools or their former workplace, that they fail to use the brand voice in their copies. This is not a bad habit if you ensure to adapt with time. Using a voice that is irrelevant to the brand you are writing for is a huge no-no. As a matter of fact, it is one of the major mistakes to avoid as a copywriter.

Forgetting About Storytelling: If you are not delivering your content in a storytelling manner, we suggest you look up what copywriting is. Although it is extremely important to include facts and figures in your piece to make it more authentic, one must not forget how those facts must be conveyed. Because hardly anyone would purchase an item if it is marketed solely on data and figures.

Sounding Too Sales-y: Every business needs money, and every customer knows it very well. But instead of making it too obvious, try to make your copy compassionate and sound like you are trying to help them not force them to buy.

Using Poor Grammar: Even if it is not your first tongue, a minor grammatical mistake can greatly impact your message. Make sure to avoid making such mistakes. Use tools like Grammarly or Google Docs to help you guide where you went wrong. Not only will these tools help with grammar, but also help you if any punctuation is missing or if there are any spelling mistakes. But we suggest you never fully rely on them. To be on the safe side, always proofread your copy before publishing it.

Creating Boring Headlines: We were shocked to know that reading online is 25% slower than reading in print. Moreover, the viewers do not actually read the content on the web. Instead, they skim through it. Shocking right? All the efforts you make and the time you spend thinking about a certain topic can go in vain.

If you don’t want your efforts to go down in the dumps, we would recommend you make the headings and subheadings eye-catching. The users are more likely to read the heading and judge the content on its basis. If they don’t like the headlines, they may skip the content to save time.

Using Passive Voice: Another factor that your copywriting or ghostwriting services are not up to the mark is that you are using too much passive voice in your sentences. While there is nothing wrong with using passive voice, many people find reading it difficult. So, the next time you begin writing, make sure to use active voice to make your copy easier to read.

Neglecting Your Target Audience: The main purpose of copywriting is to address your customers’ needs and weak points. And use them to your own benefit. However, many copywriters fail to understand their audience. To avoid doing so, always conduct thorough market research. Because no one wants to buy your products if you do not portray them as the ultimate solution to all their problems.

Using Wrong Emotional Triggers: Manipulating the audience to their deepest, darkest points is the goal of every copywriter. Don’t worry; we won’t judge you on this basis. Because we do understand that manipulation is a great marketing tool. However, some wicked marketers make use of evil manipulation tactics that can stir up fear, doubt, and uncertainty in the audience. Therefore, you must understand that overdosing manipulation can be fatal to your relationship with your audience.

Bottom Line: Every One Can Write A Compelling Piece To Sell Products

If you have made it here, here’s a golden tip for you: The secret to writing a perfect copy is to write a bad one first, then gradually improve it to a level of perfection. If the audience finds your content compelling or entertaining, there is a high chance they will empty their pockets. Now you know the trick.

Copywriting is the same as treading on a tightrope, a single wrong move can make all your efforts go in vain. On the contrary, one good move can make your clients open up their hearts and wallets too. It can help you connect with your audience and accomplish your goals successfully.

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