Revision Policy

Revision Policy

We are always happy to serve customers fully by offering a free-of-cost revision. We believe in returning complete value against the customer's money. Revision policy might tend to vary according to the following terms and conditions:

A. The number of free revisions varies according to the chosen package. Every package does not come with an unlimited revisions facility.

B. Revision policy might not apply if additional or new requirements are made under the name of feedback. It will be counted as new work and the client will be subjected to pay the charges.

C. Please note that once the revision query is locked, new queries cannot be added to it until one cycle is completed. After the completion of one cycle, a new revision query can be requested.

D. We have a certain timeframe for each revision cycle. This means we are not responsible for students missing their deadline, due to delays caused by the revision cycle.

E. Customers are bound to share constructive feedback, instead of giving generic comments to seek the revision. Comments like "I don't like it" are not accepted at all.

F. It is highly recommended to students use the online website portal for revision purposes to catalyze the process.

G. Regardless of the chosen package, the free revisions are accepted up to the limit of a maximum of 30 days from the post-delivery date.

H. Delays caused by customers in responding to the writer's query regarding revision will not be liable on EssayWritersIreland.

I. We reserve the right to amend the revision policies without the issuance of any notice.