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8 Best AI Essay Writing Tools To Get A Grade In 2023

It can be difficult for any student to submit high-quality tasks on time. Why not use an AI writing assistant to lighten your workload when writing essays?

AI is the newest technological frontier. It has only been in function for a short time. Yet, the technology has already made major progress in the production of essays and other types of online content creation that are easily categorized as “AI-generated.” If you want to do wonders and get an A grade, you can use the below-listed AI-based essay writing tools.

Best AI Tools To Make Essay Writing Easy For Students


CopyAI is at the top of the list for being one of the most user-friendly AI tools for writing essays. The process is simple; you have to give the content’s main topic, and the rest is done by CopyAI. It instantly offers different ideas on your topic, and you can even write a well-structured essay.

Whether it’s essay writing or blogs, CopyAI knows how to do them both in 25 different languages. Students can ease their academic burden and achieve good grades by using CopyAI. The experience of using CopyAI for students is similar to having a personal assistant for their assignment free of cost. You can use it in any part of the world. Now you don’t have to find an essay writer Ireland or any other online academic assistance as this tool will get the job done in no time.


Jasper, also known as Jarvis, is a user-friendly artificial intelligence (AI) content tool. It will assist you in producing marketing copies, blog articles, and profile pages on major social media networks. But not only that, it is equally effective in writing essays.

The unique thing about Jasper is that it’s smooth to use even with third-party apps like Grammarly or Surfer SEO. You only need to provide a title, a description, some keywords and the tone of the essay you want, depending on the topic. You will get a well-researched and high-quality essay by Jasper in a flash.


Rytr is undoubtedly a great writing software which can be used for essay writing. It allows the user to write in their own tone and writing style. Students can use over 30 tools in Rytr, like plagiarism checker, allowing them to generate essays of any type and length.

Apart from writing essays, Rytr offers suggestions on how to have good quality word choices, error-free grammar and the right keywords in the essay.


If you are ever confused about your essay’s topic, intros or outline, then Writesonic is the right choice. With just some introduction of the topic from the user, Writesonic can also give the finest quality essay with engaging topic suggestions.

Writesonic is a great tool to ensure that your essay is technically right and according to your teacher’s requirements. It can also come to the rescue when you have a strict deadline, a lack of understanding, or a boring topic.

Article Forge

Article Forge works as a magician in essay writing. In just a minute, you can get an exceptional essay written for you by the AI tool.

The best part is that this AI tool has an up-to-date database. It means that even if your essay is on current trends, it will still produce accurate results. You can get your pricing plan and enjoy a five-day free trial by Article Forge.


Organizing the content and research is challenging in essay writing but not with Jenni. The uniquely built-in citation feature makes adding references in the essay or research paper easier while writing.  

You can get a rewriter and paraphraser in Jenni. AI. Students can subscribe to this AI tool according to their budget, as it allows them to customize the pricing plan according to the words.


Researching and writing an essay with other assignments and tight deadlines can be daunting for students but with the Scalenut AI tool, you can do it easily. The tool helps you organize your ideas and thoughts on any topic and provides a well-written essay.

The new cruise mode in Scalenut simplifies things to the next level. You can check other samples on your topic, relevant sources and keywords for your content. If you can’t find the best essay writing services in Ireland, then this tool will help you complete your task by yourself.


Moonbeam is a powerful tool for students allowing them to craft better and more compelling essays in a short time that can help them get good grades.

It is known as a wizard tool. The reason behind such a name is that with just a few words about the topic, you can get an attractive title, essay outline and even the first draft of the essay.


Getting good grades might be challenging if a student has too many assignments to do and his abilities are lacking. The best option is to look for an AI writing tool that can get the work done for you. There is a long list of AI tools you can use for essay writing or other forms of content like blogs and articles. You have to explore yourself to see what each of them offers and find yourself the perfect fit that can help you flourish in your academics.