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6 Knockout Ideas To Avoid Plagiarism While Writing Assignments

Would you prefer it if you wrote something with your own efforts and someone just copied and pasted it and took all the credit?

No, right?

The same concept lies behind plagiarism. It is an unethical act even if you unintentionally compose someone else words. Thus, it is essential to check and remove copied content after writing a draft.

Students are constantly being asked to compose an assignment. And for that purpose, they search for information and sources from the internet and books. Thus, when they take ideas and analyze others’ work, sometimes they forgetfully fall into the trap of plagiarism.

So if you are reading this article, you might also have crafted a document and wanted to avoid plagiarism. For your ease, we have listed all the ways that you can eliminate copied work from your draft in a breeze. Thus, keep reading.

Avoid Unintentional Copying Of Other’s Assignments: 5 Ways To Stay Away From Plagiarism

Do you wonder why your assignments lack authenticity?

Because of just simple mistakes. We know sometimes when students are writing in a flow, they carelessly and unattentively write what they just read. This is the reason why we compose a guide about “how to avoid plagiarism” for the assistance of those students. So without any more delay, let’s have a look at the ways or approaches to discard copied content from your work.

Rephrase Your Work

The first thing that you can do is rephrase the words of the sources in your own words.

By explaining something in your words, you would stay away from the blame of copying someone’s assignment. But by paraphrasing, we don’t mean just to switch their words with your own or synonyms. Understand the concept from the references and craft it with your own creative thoughts.

Moreover, you can also change the order of the sentence and use different words while rewriting.

Use Correct And Complete Citations

If you remember, your instructors must have guided you to cite your work in the correct structure of citation once in a while.

The reason behind reminding you is that it helps in easing plagiarism. When you add a right and complete citation, you give the authority of that information to its original creator. As are result, there will be no claim for stealing the content. Therefore, make sure to take caste of this point.

Take Help From Online Plagiarism Checkers

We are living in a world where technology is assisting us in various parts of our lives.

Thus, you can find a number of links or sites for various functions, from editing to writing, or even for this problem. Moreover, oftentimes, when we are done with our writing work, we don’t have time to check its plagiarism. In this situation, you can take aid from several online Free plagiarism tools. They will not only check the originality but also provide you with a document that is 100% authentic.

Include Your Own Thoughts

Do you know what’s better than rewriting another’s work?

Add your own perspective while taking references and ideas from various sources. As a result, this approach will enhance the value of your assignment but also make it plagiarism free.

In addition to that, you can also merge your concept with the source idea and compose a piece of unique content. While crafting an assignment, brainstorm points that you can add while explaining the referencing words. It will put a great impression of yours on your instructor.

Include A List Of References

The last but additional step to remove plagiarism from your work is this one.

Make sure to add a separate heading of references under your conclusion and add all the links that you use white drafting your assignment. As a result, you can make yourself free from the trap of plagiarism.

But it is recommended to attentively add the correct links. For your ease, you can make a separate folder of all the references, so in the end, you don’t have to worry about misplacing any of them.

Add Quotation Marks

Punctuation plays a huge part in the creation of a sentence’s sense.

But it is not its only purpose. By placing the right punctuation, you can also escape from the charge of plagiarism. It is essential to add quotation marks while stating someone else words. If you are not good at taking care of these elements, you can also take support from various online Essay Writer Ireland sites. As a result, you will never be accused of copying others’ hard work.

Moreover, adding quotation marks highlights something which represents your assignment as well-researched.


Your writing shows how you can skillfully present an idea with your own thoughts and efforts.

This is why most professors assign writing assignments to check a student’s capabilities. But finding plagiarism in the given task puts a wrong impression of you in professors’ minds and risks losing grades.

Thus, it is always recommended to check and remove these copywriting claims from your writing after composing them. We have provided you with all the methods that can help you in your journey of making your work plagiarism free. We hope that it will help you in the future.

Lastly, it is recommended not to rely totally on online plagiarism removal tools. They can also sometimes give a wrong result. Thus, it is essential to make changes in your work on your own with the above-mentioned ideas.